Who we are 


Established recently, Versa United States inherits a legacy of excellence from its parent company, providing innovative communication solutions for security and mission-critical teams under the VERSA brand. With origins in the Philippines tracing back to 2013, Versa is powered by a seasoned team of industry veterans boasting over 25 years of collective experience and expertise.

Building upon our parent company's strong foothold in a country with a vast and well-established private security market and adverse weather events, Versa products and services are uniquely positioned to excel even in the most demanding circumstances.

· Our broad expertise spans diverse sectors, including condominiums, malls, retail spaces, hotels, casinos, resorts, banks, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. We understand the distinct security needs of each industry and specialize in delivering command and control communications solutions to contribute to safeguard assets, personnel, clients and visitors.

· In an environment where network coverage can be erratic and broadband services unreliable, Versa delivers dependable command and control communications solutions nationwide. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships, our solutions stand the test of the most adverse weather events such as floods, typhoons, and earthquakes.

Versa is dedicated to providing cost-effective yet state-of-the-art command and control communications solutions to businesses across various sectors in the continental United States. We go beyond merely offering products; we cultivate enduring partnerships and deliver solutions and services that consistently exceed expectations.


(What we do everyday) 

We develop and innovate communications products and systems

born from customer pain points.


(How we see things in the future) 

To be the brand of choice of teams for communication, in the  security, corporate and public safety industry.


We take pride in

Customer Obsession

Going above and beyond for our community, our partners, and our consumers.

We embrace Innovation

Constantly pushing for progress, staying ahead of the curve.

We are a team of Learners

Collaboration and excellence to create impact through our products and services.


Joey Marcelo, Founder

Being one of the leaders in the industry for more than 30 years, Joey Marcelo, founder of Versa Innovations Corp., has witnessed the rapid evolution of communication technology. Evolving with the need of the times, and through his visionary and enterprising spirit, Versa two-way radios has become a respected brand in the industry. 

Shiela Brandis, CEO

Joining the company as an electronics technician, Shiela Brandis steadily moved up the ranks to become its Chief Executive Officer. Well-versed in radio technology and conversant in sales operations, she has established strong relationships with the major security agencies in the country making Versa two-way radios among the highly patronized brands in the Philippines.